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Storm's World of Light
is bringing a little Light into the world
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9th-May-2025 11:57 pm - Friends Only

This journal now has friends only posts! Please direct all comments here if you would like to be my friend. Please let me know why you want to friend me and some things we have in common. If you only want to be my friend for Gackt/Hyde/VAMPS/L'arc~en~Ciel graphics and/or macros they will always be open posts. Just a FYI. If you don't comment here I will assume you just want to see when I make new graphics posts. Thanks!!! ^_____^
14th-Aug-2012 06:44 pm - Alive
I am alive dont worry!!!

I have been super busy and GACKT kinda pissed off for a while...still kinda irked but am still keeping up with everything from the background ^_______^
8th-Jun-2012 08:17 pm - jerk...
I apologize if this makes you angry or if you read it on my twitter/facebook. My rant you don't have to read or like.

GACKT announced the YFC is breaking up on his b-day of 7-4. So guess what no chance of seeing GACKT in concert in the U.S. He doesn't have the balls/money/sponsor to tour in a foreign country by himself.
Thanks for killing my dreams...jerk.
This makes me want to take everything down off my walls of yours and take all your CDs out of my car. Because worse than being an arrogant jerk is being a liar

Don't be surprised if he disappears off this livejournal
21st-May-2012 05:42 pm - The View
moon child
So a little worried about this news article sent to me...X-Men and gay superheroes

Apparently The View is doing some "hot topic" discussion/reveal. Most believe it on the gay superhero Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle. Why?? Do housewives care about crap like that??
I am very worried about how the group will take the discussion (if that is what it is about?)and how Marvel and the X-Men franchise might be affected. Also my favorite X-Men might get thrown in the arena because of his bisexual tendencies.

Trend lightly The View "ladies"...

Lets see if they post this on there website. I commented on ABCs website about the article
"If this has anything to do with gay superheroes, I hope it is handled correctly and accordingly. There is nothing wrong with such a relationship and to judge another is to judge oneself."
17th-May-2012 05:48 pm - Yukata
I'm super excited. I received a yukata from a girl at work today!!!

It is black with a geometric white pattern. She also gave a yellow obi with butterflies!! I have never worn one before

Any tips for the newbie??
10th-May-2012 08:35 pm - Happy Birthday to Me!!
Quick Post because I found this too funny/happy?? I received a message from a Japanese language academy for my birthday yesterday!!


What excited me the most was 光=hikaru=light

My instructor told me my name was literal and I couldn't have a better name so I should tell people my name is Light spelled with the kanji for hikaru \

Little things make me happy!!!
25th-Mar-2012 08:28 am - Wallies!!!!
What is this??!! 2 posts in 1 month...

This is a picture csg_dear4life cleaned and I lighten and cut down in size

Off to the park with Yoshi:

Look at that handsome boy!!!

I have a housewarming party on Saturday!! I will post inside pictures
(of the house)after that!!!
23rd-Mar-2012 01:54 pm - POST!!!
g & j white guy
OMG!!! I'm making a post...I am alive and moved into my new house

Here is a picture...

and I'm still alive

Here is a picture to prove it!!!

my eyes are very blue in this pic and no I don't wear colored contacts nor did I airbrush the picture...I'm just that flawless ;)

Going to see The Hunger Games on IMAX tonight!!! Yay
I am taking a hiatus! I am beyond pissed about the megaupload and S.P.O.A shit that is going on. I am glad Anonymous took down JUSTICE.GOV RIAA MPAA UNIVERAL MUSIC. DO NOT CENSOR MY INTERNET.
29th-Nov-2011 09:15 pm - Kinda returned
I kinda have returned just to drop off 2 crappy backgrounds I made for my work computer...I really need a Christmas one but...I'm way too busy!!!!

1)moving to new building at work DONE!!
2)Training people even though I've only been there six months
3)Fighting with previous realtor about condo fees DONE!!
4)Working on getting new house
5)Making Christmas gifts because all my money is going to the house
6)Getting home inspection for above stated house
7)Going to doctor appointments
8)juggling everyday tasks
9)Trying to please 3 different families (Birth, Adopted, my own)

I made these a long time ago and just thought I would share...

This was made before "The End of the Day" came out hence the crappy pictures..

I believe this is a picture csg_dear4life cleaned and I lighten and cut down in size...mehhh it sucks too

Speaking of Christmas...I finally get to use the imagestsukisagi gave me last year!! Thanks sweetie!!

LJ why do you auto detect me in West Virginia..fail...
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